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P2PE Bag Number Verification

The information contained in this article may be found in the document P2PE Bag Number Verification.

Adding to the security of P2PE devices is the chain of custody. To ensure that the device sent to a Participant is the device deployed by NCR and that the device has not been tampered with, the device is sent sealed within a tamper-evident bag. On the bag is a number that should match the bag number registered by NCR when the device is deployed. To confirm this, there is a P2PE bag number verification process built into the ePAY Portal.


Locate the Bag Number

The bag number may be found on the bag next to the large white bar code, towards the top seal of the bag.


Locate the Appropriate Account

Once logged into the ePAY Portal, simply select the account from the home page. If the Participant has several Departments (sub-accounts), select Departments on the left side of the screen and then use the Search Bar to find the appropriate department.
ePAY Portal, Locate Account/Department


Locate the Appropriate TID & Enter the Bag Number

Once the Participant has successfully located the appropriate account/department, they will select the Manage Equipments tab. The screen will display the devices allocated to the account/department. Included on this screen is a field labeled Processor Terminal ID. The device’s TID Sticker should have a correlating TID listed in the Processor Terminal ID field. Once the line item in the ePAY Portal is identified, enter the bag number found on the bag in the appropriate field in the ePAY Portal and select Update.
ePAY Portal, Enter Bag Number

After clicking Update, the ePAY Portal will provide one of two responses:

Troubleshooting Issues During P2PE Bag Number Verification


Unable to Locate Terminal ID

Bag Number Does Not Validate