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ePAY Portal Ticket Type: P2PE Redeployment

The information contained within this article may be found the document ePAY | NCR P2PE Redeployment.

What is P2PE Redeployment?

The P2PE Redeployment campaign involves an ePAY team member contacting existing ePAY Participants processing with
NCR using non-P2PE devices and conveying the advantages of swapping that equipment out for P2PE devices. If a
Participant agrees to participate in this exchange, a process is engaged in which P2PE equipment will be sent to the
Participant by NCR and the Participant will send nonP2PE equipment back to NCR.

P2PE Ticket Type

Once a Participant agrees with the contacting ePAY team member to participate in the P2PE Redeployment Program, the
ePAY team member will need to submit a ticket for the Participant in the ePAY Portal.

o Ticket Type – P2PE Deployment
o Ticket Subtype – Redeploy


Ticket Fields

Within this Ticket Type/Subtype, there are fields and questions that are used to convey pertinent details that will be used
by the NCR team to create the work order requesting equipment deployment. Any field marked with a red asterisk (*) is

Ticket Submission

Once all the required fields have been completed and all pertinent details either conveyed in the text field or attached in
a file, you may submit the ticket.

Once submitted, the NCR team will take the information conveyed in the ticket and create a work order for our Terminal
Deployment team. If the information included in the ticket is either insufficient or unclear, NCR team will reassign the
ticket to the submitting ePAY team member to obtain complete or clarified data.

Ticket Closure

The ticket submission will result in NCR team members creating a work order to our Terminal Deployment team. The
NCR team member that submitted the work order will note the ticket with the NCR work order number for reference.
Once the equipment has been deployed, the NCR team will notate the tracking number in the ticket and then close the

Since those electing to participate in this initiative are not being prevented from processing and could result in an
inordinate amount of work order submissions, this Ticket Type/Subtype combination is not subject to the standard SLO
when dealing with equipment swaps.



Terminal Deployment

Our Terminal Deployment team will fulfill the work order submitted, which was created based off the ticket submitted.
Once the device is ready for shipping, a shipping label will be created. It’s during the shipping label creation process that
the email address conveyed in the ticket’s Contact Email Address field will be associated with the tracking number, and
that email address will be notified that a label has been created.

If the receiver of the shipment notification wishes to be alerted regarding any additional tracking movements, they can
follow the link provided in the email notification and select additional notification types.

Package Contents

The package sent by the NCR Terminal Deployment team should contain the following:

Terminal Return

Before the Participant returns any equipment, they must settle any open batches on the returning devices. The
Participant will place the returning device(s) in a box, place the NCR provided RS label on the box, and either drop off the
package at a local center or call the courier to request a pickup.

If the Participant chooses to return the equipment in the box the P2PE equipment was delivered in, then they will need
to ensure that the NCR provided RS label is the only visible shipping label on the box.

If the Participant has lost the NCR provided RS label, they should contact the ePAY PSS team and an ePAY PSS team
member will work with the NCR team to get the Participant a replacement RS label.

The returning equipment will be shipped directly to NCR’s PCI Validated vendor where the device will be reset to factory
defaults, refurbished (both functionality and cosmetic repairs), and returned to NCR.