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ePAY Portal Ticket Management Overview

All information contained in this article may be found in the document ePAY Portal: Ticket Management.

For all Ticket Type/Subtype combination workflows, that information may be found in the document ePAY Portal: Ticket Types & Subtypes.

Any support or requests should result in a ticket being created in the ePAY Portal. These tickets can be created and by a Participant, Chicago Light House, ePAY, or NCR and will be tracked through completion.

Ticket Tiers

There are three different tiers of tickets submitted via the ePAY Portal:

Tier 1 – General and “How To” Support

Tier 2 – Aged tickets, maintenance requested, merchant down from processing.

Tier 3Immediate action required, usually related to a system outage.

Opening a Ticket

When opening a ticket for a participant, the following items must be included:

Once a ticket has been opened for a participant, the guidelines for any escalation or resolution are as follows:

Ticket Transitions

Ensuring that Participant requests and support are addressed timely and effectively requires coordination and cooperation between multiple teams. What follows is the typical transition of ownership for a Tier 1 ticket.

Escalation to Tier 2

A Tier 1 ticket may be escalated to a Tier 2 when:

How to Escalate to Tier 2

Should a ticket qualify for Tier 2 escalation:

Closing a Ticket