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ePAY Portal Ticket Type: ePAY Dashboard Service Request

All information contained in this article may be found in the document Ticket Type: ePAY Dashboard Service Request.

A Ticket Type of ePAY Dashboard Service Request is typically submitted when a Participant wishes to have updates applied to existing entities within Dashboard. If the Participant is adding a new service to Dashboard, then the appropriate workflow to reference would be found in the appropriate ePAY New Service Workflow document.

Ticket Subtypes

When opening a Ticket Type of ePAY Dashboard Service Request, there are multiple Subtypes that may be selected to better identify the category of the Participant’s request.

Ticket Progression

Who can make the request?

When a Participant initiates contact to request a change to Dashboard, either via phone, email, or directly submitting a ticket themselves, please keep in mind that the party making the request must either be the Principal Authority or the Primary Contact.

Who is responsible for fulfilling the request?


NCR is responsible for:

ePAY Portal

NCR is responsible for:


Participant makes contact to modify an aspect of their Dashboard setup.